WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Results: Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan Must Unite To Battle Erick Rowan And Luke Harper

Roman Reigns

Everything ended up at ground zero at WWE Clash of Champions, where Luke Harper incredibly came back to rejoin powers with Erick Rowan, conceivably making ready for an impossible get-together between long-term rivals Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan simultaneously. 
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Rowan vanquished Reigns in astonishing style by means of a help from the returning Harper, who has been off TV for the majority of a year in the midst of an agreement debate and reports that Vince McMahon sees "nothing" in him. The amazing unforeseen development at Clash of Champions set the wheels moving for a far-fetched face turn for Bryan and a free union with "The Big Dog," who seems, by all accounts, to be progressing into another job that is especially not quite the same as the one he's had for a great part of the previous five years. Rules, who just inked another multi-year contract that will keep him with WWE for the whole deal, is never again getting a tyrannical push that is adverse to pretty much every other person on the program. As he's moved to a greater degree low maintenance plan that gives him a superior opportunity to rest and recover following a second fruitful fight with leukemia, WWE has depended on a large number of different names—including Kevin Owens, Kofi Kingston, Ricochet and Seth Rollins—on the babyface side. 

It's @ERICKROWAN's #NoDisqualifications Match against @WWERomanReigns at #WWEClash. You know what that means?@LukeHarperWWE HAS RE-EMERGED!!! pic.twitter.com/nwAoV6WKeF
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The lessened job of Reigns has shone a greater focus on those stars and furthermore enormously profited various different stars on the card who are no longer there just to make Reigns "look solid." At Clash of Champions, the story was progressively about helping Rowan get over as one of the top heels on the blue brand and restoring his label group with the returning Harper, who many idea could never be seen in WWE again. For Reigns, who has been for all intents and purposes all around acknowledged as a babyface since returning in March, his job in his storyline with Bryan–which may at last observe them join as a pair has made him significantly increasingly affable. For Bryan, his presumable move from the clouded side would be tied in with situating him as one of the foundations of WWE programming. 

Undoubtedly, WWE is normal bet everything on making Bryan a highlight of SmackDown, which will before long start another period on FOX.
New Executive Director of SmackDown Eric Bischoff is supposedly a major fanatic of Daniel Bryan and needs to restore him as a principle eventer and one of the central purposes of the show. That is unquestionably not a terrible procedure, either. Apparently the best all-around entertainer in WWE, Bryan is a cultivated and well-known face—also a previous WrestleMania principle eventer—who ought to be featured as a significant bit of SmackDown as the show nears its transition to FOX. With WWE battling powerfully in the appraisals division over the previous year and the organization expecting to convey a major group of spectators when SmackDown moves to its new home, it's inescapable that WWE will depend on names like Bryan to convey the blue brand pushing ahead. As it should. 

WWE is presently "discreetly wrapping up" the silly Wild Card rule and will proceed onward from it totally with its forthcoming draft, which implies that it will never again utilize the majority of WWE's top stars on both Raw and SmackDown, rather concentrating on a bunch of top follows up on each show. As John Cena has said previously, WWE will never again have one explicit top star. Or maybe, it will use a "super-group" of entertainers to convey the brand, probably one for Raw and one for SmackDown as the organization draws an all the more plainly characterized line between the brands. With that choice, Reigns and Bryan are significantly progressively critical to SmackDown, where they will be maybe the two most pushed stars on the show and steady fundamental eventers whose principle obligation is to get new fans and guarantee that old fans make the bounce from the USA Network to FOX. In this way, uniting them regardless of whether just incidentally can just improve the situation.

At Clash of Champions, WWE made a breathtaking showing of guaranteeing that Rowan remains applicable, that Harper gets over in with the general mish-mash including a drawing in storyline and that both Bryan and Reigns will have a pathway to future achievement. Bryan's abrupt end to his issue with Reigns, Harper's unanticipated return and the recharged push of Rowan ought to have only one intelligent result: Bryan and Reigns versus Rowan and Harper. 

That is an incredible success win situation that gives SmackDown a mind boggling babyface pair to work around while ensuring that fans don't turn on Reigns the manner in which they have so often previously and making the most out of the underestimated gifts of both Harper and Rowan.

WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Results: Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan Must Unite To Battle Erick Rowan And Luke Harper WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Results: Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan Must
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