What are those Bollywood actors and actresses who are over 40 but they have not married yet?

1. Dino Morea

dino morea

 On the off chance that looks could kill, Dino Morea would have been sent behind the bars quite a while back. The 42-year-old entertainer, model and business visionary has experienced a decent amount of connections, at the same time, none of it emerged into marriage. Dino had a hurl with Bipasha Basu before she went for John Abraham and he went for Lara Dutta. There have been reports of Dino being more than simply great companions with Nandita Mahtani. The pair has not exclusively been spotted celebrating and appreciating each other's conversation be that as it may, bits of gossip about their marriage were very ready in 2016. In any case, Dino still has not left the market. 

2. Rahul Khanna

rahul khanna
On the off chance that there is one on-screen character who can possibly make any ladies of all ages go powerless on their knees, it must be Rahul Khanna. The 45-year-old hunk appreciates a brilliant fan following. Very little has been thought about his own life, yet, that does not stop his fans from pulverizing on him, no doubt! 

3. Karan Johar

karan johar
For the man who is truly administering the business with his romantic tales, Karan Johar has some extremely skeptical thoughts regarding love, in actuality. He was once cited as saying: 

"An upbeat marriage in the business would truly shock me. I'd resemble, 'You're a dinosaur, leave'". 

4. Manish Malhotra

manish malhotra
The man has been administering the design circuit, yet our hearts too with his drop-dead-stunning looks! He may have given numerous Bollywood on-screen characters their noteworthy wedding dress, at the same time, with regards to himself, Manish is yet to locate the ideal fit!

5. Sajid Khan

sajid khan
There was one when Sajid Khan was riding high on the business accomplishment of his movies and being Jacqueline Fernandez's lover. In any case, with a break stage in his directorial profession, he lost his hold on his affection life as well. Discussing it, Sajid once stated: 

"You see marriage is society's endorsement of two people living respectively. Also, regardless of what we may state, similar to, damn the general public, yet in all actuality, we live in a general public and we have to recollect that. In the meantime, obviously, I feel marriage is misrepresented, and furthermore since numerous individuals get hitched in light of the wrong reasons. There are commonly I have verged on getting hitched, yet I surmise better sense won in me or the young lady". 

6. Uday Chopra

uday chopra
The Chopra scion was appraised as the most qualified single man, the day he entered the business. And keeping in mind that the man has experienced a great deal of good and bad times involved with Shamita Shetty and Nargis Fakhri; at the same time, with regards to marriage, he nearly has shut the part. 

7. Akshaye Khanna

akshay khanna
Another entertainer who has won numerous hearts with his acting strength and wonderful screen nearness is Akshaye Khanna. Khanna, as well, appreciates a humongous fan following however has straightforwardly expressed that he's not keen on getting hitched. On being gotten some information about his marriage plans, Khanna had stated: 

"Any duty alarms me. If I somehow happened to be in charge of a spouse or a kid, it would terrify the poo out of me. I question it, I genuinely question it. However, you can never say never. Starting today, I question it."

8. Ekta Kapoor

ekta kapoor
The greatest name in the broadcast business, Ekta Kapoor, is breaking all generalizations one proclamation at any given moment. Discussing marriage and kid, Ekta had stated: 

"Every one of my companions, who were hitched are currently unmarried. With the measure of separations I have seen as of late, I think I am the more patient one. In any event, I hung tight for it. I certainly know a certain something, that I need a tyke yet marriage, I don't have the foggiest idea. I don't possess energy for myself, on the off chance that I get two or three hours, I might want to go to a spa. I anticipate a one-day get-away with companions. I adore my work, so I don't bunk. Individuals reveal to me surrender it on the off chance that you have such an issue with it. I won't, I would get so exhausted. I'd preferably be occupied over exhausted". 

9. Tanishaa Mukerji

tanisha mukherji
Kajol's more youthful sister, Tanishaa Mukerji, stayed more in news as a result of her connection ups with Uday Chopra and Armaan Kohli, than her movies. Despite the fact that the on-screen character who simply turned 40, worships her di (Kajol) and jiju's (Ajay) science, she is yet to discover somebody for herself. 

10. Asha Parekh

asha parekh
Discussing her choice to remain single for an amazing duration, Asha Parekh had once stated: 

"I don't miss a buddy. I'm not a contemplative person. I've companions and I converse with them. In the event that marriage isn't in your predetermination, your companion may abandon you or he may kick the bucket. What's more, you might be left without anyone else once more. You come alone and you go alone. In case you're not bound to have a spouse, you won't have one".

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