Salman's first love, then again, was revealed, at the age of 19, the actress was giving aunt to heart

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been in the discussion due to the relationship between relationship and date with many heroines besides the films. Her name has been associated with several Bollywood actresses. It is said that Pakistani actress Somai Ali was the first love of Salman Khan. But now it has been revealed that Soumi Ali was not his first love but actress K. Advani's aunt was his first love.
Salmon Khan and sahin jafri

Famous journalist and writer Jasim Khan has written biography of Salman Khan. In this biography she has revealed that Salman's first girlfriend was not Sumei Ali but Shahin Jafri, granddaughter of Ashok Kumar, a famous singer of Hindi cinema. According to his book, Salman Khan had fallen in love with Shahin Jafri at the age of 19.
Salmon khan

According to Jasim Khan's book, Shahin Jafri was studying at St. Xavier's College. In those days, Salman used to stand in front of St. Xavier's College for his red car. He waited hours at the college gate of Shahin Jafari. Salman Khan was making a date to Shahin Jafri. It was confirmed by the actress Advani too.

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