Most senseless bollywood actor/actress

People blindly follow the film {industry|movie industry|screenland} industry. What the celebrities wear, what they are doing, we have a tendency to try and imitate the actions of the celebs. when looking at them play completely different roles, we've got a general image of them in our minds that they're generous, caring, lovesome, etc. however the fact in some cases may well be completely different. What you see isn't perpetually the reality. they may be collaborating in charity events, however in real world, they may hate attending charity events and do it for content. they may be a section of PETA, however they may be a non-veg aficionado.

In this article, we have a tendency to square measure aiming to shed lightweight on a number of the foremost senseless remarks lapsed celebrities. Given below square measure few of them.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan


Kareena Kapoor is a perfect for several ladies. Her son Taimur is breaking the net thanks to his prettiness. however once Kareena known as Bipasha Basu as Kaali Billi. Such a gorgeous thespian passing such remarks isn't acceptable in the slightest degree.

2. Deepika Padukone


After her breakup with Ranbir Kapoor, she confessed on a reality show that she would really like to gift a packet of c0nd0ms to him as a result of he uses them too typically. we tend to believed that she is that the beauty with brains however spoken communication such stupid things on national tv are a few things several couldn't digest.

3. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam was chosen because the complete Ambassador of L’Oreal with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She thought that she too would get an opportunity to be a section of the metropolis competition, however she wasn't given the chance. She raged with anger and aforesaid that Aishwarya had worked together with her daddy, thus can she have to be compelled to decision her aunty?

4. Amisha patel


I must say Ameesha Patel makes no sense histrion.I don't hate her or I does not like her moving-picture shows she have  a kickstart carrer with the superhit movie “kaho metal pyaar hai” she acted well however her poor film selections created her the flop histrion of movie industry.

Now she is forty two and she or he dressed sort of a juvenile i do know i can not choose her by her garments and she or he have her alternative what she desires to wear however as a actess she should have some common fashion sense.

Because all histrion in movie industry is additionally famous for his or her designs therefore it's necessary for the histrion to wear dress as per the events

Controversial facet open once tv actor kushal tandan tweeted regarding her and she or he gave him terribly illogical reply

5. Aamir Khan


He once aforesaid that his dog’s name is Shahrukh Khan. however lame will it be? He expressed that Shahrukh licks his feet and he feeds him with biscuits. everybody was appalled that what on earth will he mean and ultimately he added  that it's his dog

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