Increase Breast Size In 1 Week (100% Works)

how to increase breasts size

In today's post I'm sharing few tips how to increase breasts size on guaranteed results so let's get started and the

 1. estrogen rich foods

estrogen rich foods

estrogen rich foods one of the reasons for small breasts as a lack of estrogen so start having force that can boost estrogen in your body such as apple fenugreek seeds olive oil strawberries oranges peaches beans chickpeas dairy products yam kale soy beans nuts like pistachios walnuts and peanuts and spices such as sage pepper oregano and ginger.

2. Regularly massage your breasts

Regularly massage your breasts

Regularly massage your breasts massaging breasts stimulate the increased production of prolactin which is responsible for breasts and lodging use wheat germ or olive oil and massage in a circular direction to ice it a sweep from the underarms area upwards and inwards towards the front make 200 to 300 such rotations each time this process helps increase blood circulation and prevents sagging of the breasts massaging will also result in firmer breasts.

3. pueraria mirifica

pueraria mirifica
Third and the most important option is to have pueraria mirifica. pueraria mirificais one of the most effective breast enlargement hub mainly because it is the only plant that contains merest role which is bioidentical to the human hormone estrogen it has a high concentration of hormone balancing phytoestrogens and can increase the press size up to 80% it is best to have this overly in a capsule form with a glass of milk half this for a period of three months and then take a break avoid the supplement during periods I was able to find few verified products on Amazon and the links are in the description box red clover flower supplements you can either buy capsules and have them orally or by its dried flowers and prepare them as tea red clover has four phytoestrogens which help in increasing the breast size in few weeks fourth and the last step is to include dandelion root tea in your daily diet this tea helps in growth of new breast cells and tissues drink this tea twice a day for fast desired results exercises like push-ups bench press etc may not help in increasing breast size they will only make them forma so I'm not recommending these in my video just follow the four steps given for guarantee desired results do it like and share this post and I'll see you soon with a new post  till then remember don't wish for a bad body just work for it bye bye

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