Can Salman Khan film Bharat cross 400cr in box office India??

Yes definitely here is the top reason that proof this movie cross easily 400cr in India..


1. Strong story

This story is influenced by the Korean film, although Ali has made a lot of changes in his film, and has also made an effort to make an emotional film a spicy film. Now, to what extent does this movie win the viewer and the heart of the critics, then only 5th june will be able to know. Now we can just hope here. Promotional and trailer of the film's maiden loved the logo. Even earlier Ali Sultan, Tiger Zinda, Gunde, has done superhit films like my brother's bride and Sultan, Tiger is alive, has done business more than 300 crores, in this case, this film will also prove to be a super hit film. We can give guarantees. The story of the film is very good for us.

2. Best songs

The songs of this movie have already been interested in YouTube and specially released, I am alive, I am alive and enjoying the songs. Also, slow-motion, chasni song is also interested, in this case the music album of this movie is already chartbuster It's done. The songs of the movie will not allow the film to bore and and the audience will be forced to hit the city by the theater.

3.Strong Dialogue

You get a lot of good dialogue in the movie. By which Dil is happy, Ali has used Bahl well in the use of Dailog.
Some dialogs remind us to remember that you too listen

1. Lion has definitely grown old but never forgot to hunt.

2. My Bapuji has kept my name in the name of the country, now in the name of the country, now, with the name Jat, Mehab, surname, it does not want to shorten the name of this name.

3. Many more colorful our youth is from the white of our hair.

4. They think the life of a middle class Buddha will be boring but do not know how old our child was.

4. Eid + Salman combo

Salman Khan can hit any movie on his own alone. He is the biggest superstar of Bollywood today, no one is there in this. Apart from the festival of Eid, the film will be able to do 150cr business in the first three days.

5.Movie release time is very good

The movie release time is very good, we are saying so
Is because
1. Films like recently released films such as de de pyaar de, kalank, do not make good collections at the box office, so people expect much from this film.

2.This movie is being released solo, with no film being released, so it will not face any competitions.

3. The film will get a full two-week time and this is a lot of time  before Salman's film Tiger Zinda has already done 250+ business in two weeks.

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