Why are Korean movies more famous than our Indian movies?

There are various of purposes behind which I can answer your 'Why'. So Let's begin from the earliest starting point. 

Brainless Audience (Sorry to be Rude ) 

Dominant part of Indians want to watch Judwa 2 rather than Newton,Jab Harry Met Sejal rather than Masaan and Happy New Year rather than Shahid and why a producer will put any additional push to make a perfect work of art when these crappy films doing incredibly great in the cinematic world. 


Hello! STOP what is that? In lion's share Bollywood doesn't have any association with rationale not in any case a separation relationship. 

The vast majority of the occasions we duplicate from Hollywood and in rest of the occasions we duplicate from Tollywood. Be that as it may, Korean films are composed with full promise of devotion. Energetic screenplay and awesome cast is the key of achievement for Korean motion pictures. 

Bad At Cheating 

We as a whole realize that for to swindle despite everything we require some sense. Be that as it may, Bollywood is really awful at duplicating as well. 

See a few models:

Obsolete Concepts 

Bollywood has an exceptional standard for sentiment in their screenplay. Regardless of what sort of motion pictures we are making in India we will have some sentimental stuff in it. Korean makes Sci-Fi, Horror and Thriller motion pictures however we make Sci-Fi + Romance,Horror+Romance and Thriller+Romance. Koreans dependably choose from the case subjects. One of the best production of Korean Cinema is Oldboy . A holding story with great on-screen characters around is an ideal treat to watch. 

Motion pictures Per Year 

Beneficial things set aside some effort to develop. In any case, in Bollywood we make in excess of 100 motion pictures for every year and on opposite side Koreans just figure out how to discharge 10+ films in their logbook year. Truly! quality issues more than amount. 

Nepotism At It's Best : 

"Please It is in Indian laws too that Nalaayak Son and Daughters will have inheritance to parent's property"- Varun Dhawan. 

Sorry! I responded to this inquiry in absolutely inverse manner. In any case, I believe It's in every case great condemn awful things with the goal that they can improve. 

To Varun Dhawan's Fan : I don't have any close to home contention with him. However, I cited him since He contrasted Dilwale and Inception

Here is the list of some Korean movies who dubbed in hindi :-

Rocket handsome

John Abraham Hit movie Rockey handsome is the remake of the Korean movie the man from nowwhno


Aishwarya rai bachchan film Jazbaa has also remake of south Korean film seven days.

Imran hasHas and Jacqueline Fernandez superhit movie murder2 is the remake of South Korean film chaser
Ek villain

Bollywood biggest blockbuster movie ek villen is also reamke of korean film i saw the devil


Imran Hashmi's movie Awarapan is the remake of South Korean movie a bittersweet life.


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